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Made for every marketing hero on earth

Regardless if you are a marketing student, solo entrepreneur, young professional, or marketing lead, our marketing workouts keep you fresh and eager for more.

Multiple topics

The exercises sent to you cover a multitude of marketing disciplines such as Marketing Strategy, Content, Social, Growth, Collaboration, Creativity, and much more.

Real-life exercises

You could read a million marketing books or watch hours of YouTube, but they won't provide you with real-life tasks that you will find in the everyday life of a marketer.

Relevant marketing know-how

Each exercise includes a short description as to why it is relevant for your daily work. We also share additional information and resources from industry-leading experts.

Discord community

Join our growing discord community and collaborate with peers or simply get new inspiration from like-minded marketers. It's free.

Join a growing marketing community

Marketing fellows from around the globe already started their marketing workouts to evolve their skillset.

"Marketing is becoming more and more complex. It's great to revisit known marketing tactics and best practices."

Eduard Annelien
Content Marketer

"While working on my app 'MVP', I was lagging marketing fundamentals for the go-live. Luckily, I came across this site."

Nikolaos Henk

"Following the workouts in preparation for an upcoming marketing traineeship made all the difference in the interviews."

Alyona Gal
Junior Digital Marketer

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Our marketing workouts will provide you with weekly exercises to level up your skills!

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Created by

Full-time marketing professional & part-time creator of Marketing Workouts.

Marketing professionals nowadays need to be generalists rather than specialist: they need to be tech-savvy, growth-hackers, strategists, brand gurus, and campaign planers at the same time. That's why I created these workouts, so everyone learns how to apply their skills in real-life scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

Marketing is such a diverse discipline that you will quickly realize marketers should always be familiar with every skill set. You might not write a quick press release or publish a new landing page every day, but at least you should know the fundamentals, right? ;)

Our exercises are not meant to substitute any of the above-mentioned. Unlike courses or workshops, our exercises just take a small percentage of your daily time and are based on real-life experiences. Practice is the greatest companion to theory.

Similar to other marketing training, our free marketing workouts provide you with a wide variety of exercises covering topics such as marketing strategy, content, social, press relations, video marketing, marketing automation, and more.

Our exercises are based on multiple years of industry experience shared by a wide range of experts, to be as close as possible to the reality of marketing professionals.

Sure, that's a great idea! Simply invite your colleagues to join the marketing workouts. Doing the exercise as a team makes them even more enjoyable.

Sure. You can unsubscribe from the workouts at any time, although we recommend to build that routine so you develop a deeper marketing knowledge.

We wanted to provide marketers everywhere a simple way to improve their skills, regardless of their origin. We don't want any money. To compensate cost, we teamed up with industry partners that grant us access to relevant content and tools, so we can provide them to you.

Pump up your


You can spend hours reading books, watching videos, attend courses and workshops to become a better marketing professional. Or simply subscribe to our marketing workouts and broaden your skill set.

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